Let’s talk about penile ultrasound therapy...

Let’s talk about penile ultrasound therapy.  The management of erectile dysfunction has a plethora of new and modern options for the patient with erectile dysfunction.  Erectile dysfunction is a very common issue that affects even very young people for a multitude of reasons and factors.  The therapies for erectile dysfunction range anywhere from pharmacological agents, penile injections and surgical management.  There is an adequate therapy for everybody and everybody suffering from erectile dysfunction should reach out for help.

In recent years, there has been a new and very exciting development in the area of erectile dysfunction management.  The technology has been available in Europe for many years and just recently has been used successfully in the United States. 

You may have heard of it.  Penile ultrasound therapy is otherwise known as penile shockwave therapy.  The most widespread therapy is through a company by the name of GAINSWave.  There are other companies that are also providing the therapy, but GAINSWave is the one with the strongest and largest track record. 

Ultrasound penile therapy is based on the delivery of ultrasound into the erectile tissue of the penile body.  At certain frequencies and depth of penetration we achieve the purpose of enhancing blood supply.  The arteries of the penis are reopened and there is encouragement for the formation of new arteries.  The more blood flow there is to the penis, the better the erection will be.  This therapy has also been reported to enhance sensation in some patients. 

GAINSWave therapy, or penile shock wave therapy, is an exceedingly easy, pain free and successful option.  There are no side effects known to the therapy and the therapy can be repeated a multitude of times.  In this website you will find a video with detailed information about the therapy. 

In short, the recommended first approach is six weeks of therapy.  The patient comes to the office once a week for a therapy session that lasts from 10 to 12 minutes.  As the weeks go by, the patient should start noticing improved and longer lasting erections.  The protocol of therapy includes a number of recommendations for exercises and the use of sublingual wafers to enhance the formation of new blood flow. 

This therapy is exciting because it is easy to deliver and it can be mixed with any other one of the therapies.  Patients that are using oral medications, vacuum devices, penile injection and other options of therapy can also overlap the use of GAINSWave onto their protocols.  Our office has been delivering GAINSWave therapy for a long time and was one of the pioneers in Northern California.  I encourage all of you to listen to your body’s needs and reach out for help through your physicians or through our office for the management of erectile dysfunction.  There are many options and many success stories. 

As a word of warning, beware of the copycats.  There are clinics popping up everywhere claiming to be locations for male enhancement and men’s health purposes.  These are by and large locations that are not managed by a urologist.  Only a urologist can provide you with a comprehensive, expert approach to erectile dysfunction and the different alternatives of management.  The ramifications of erectile dysfunction throughout the rest of your sexual system and urinary system can only be grasped and understood by the urologist.  Make sure that when you take the step of reaching for assistance, you do so with the right specialist.  Please visit our website under the GAINSWave banner for a video and more profound information. 

Raul Hernandez, MD Raul A. Hernandez, MD President, Fog City Urology - President, Golden Gate Urology

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