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Fog City Urology is able to benefit from a collaboration of doctors, professionals, and researchers to bring only the most advanced and innovative care to our patients. We are proud to bring a philosophy of quality, efficiency, and personalized care to life at our practice every single day.


Our urologists have honed their skills over the past two decades and now work together every day to make the Fog City Urology treatment philosophy a reality: combining surgical talent and clinical expertise with compassionate, straightforward care.

We are proud to continually improve our practice to better care for our patients. The latest addition, our new GreenLight™ Laser Therapy, gives more options to our patients suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is an effective, minimally invasive procedure that uses high power laser energy, so our patients can enjoy minimal blood loss, prompt relief of troubling urinary symptoms, and short recovery periods. Through new technologies such as the GreenLight™ Laser Therapy and continuing our education in the field of urology, we are able to confidently provide only the best treatment options at our practice.

When you visit the Fog City Urology office for your appointment, you’ll be greeted by our smiling administrative crew. They will promptly assist with any insurance, billing, or scheduling needs. Once inside, Dr. Hernandez or Dr. Grady will take you through a careful consultation and, if necessary, craft a treatment plan specific to your needs. No two bodies are alike, so we don’t use cookie-cutter approaches to our care. We know that urological problems can be crippling to everyday activities, and we’re committed to helping you get back to your normal day-to-day routine and restoring your confidence.

Our office is open every weekday, and we ensure that we are able to accommodate same-day requests for emergencies. We run our office carefully and efficiently because we believe no one should have to sit around in a doctor’s waiting room. Here at Fog City Urology, we value the patients’ time as much as the doctors’.

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