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In this age of information, it is easy to access an overwhelming amount of data about any topic. It is often difficult to understand all of this information and apply to your individual case. Your physician, in this very challenging era of American healthcare, may seem short on time to explain things as thoroughly as you would like. This is not necessarily a reason to distrust him or her, but it is a time for you to reassert your need for explanations. Two separate visits with your surgeon prior to any major decision is a good idea.

An equally good idea is a second opinion. Second opinions are good for a variety of reasons:

  1. You will hear the information from the beginning from two separate experts.
  2. You will get an idea of how straightforward or not a condition is, depending on how close the answers from your second surgeon compare to the first.
  3. The conversation with a second person may elicit different questions that you had not thought of before.
  4. Discussions with two different people in two different visits are usually more thorough and easy to digest that one intense session with any one person.

A confident, trustworthy, and fair physician will have no objection to the idea of a second opinion, and might even steer you in the right direction.

In our office, we have a very strong and cordial relationship with our colleagues in the broad area surrounding the San Francisco Bay. We are very often involved in the review and consultation for the purpose of second opinions. We equally refer our own patients to some of our partners in the field when one of our patients needs a second opinion. The review of your files, biopsies, laboratories, and medical data, as well as your personal philosophy and wishes, are all carefully considered before providing you with our opinion and counsel. We also steer you in the direction and sources of information we may think you are lacking or need.

Talk to your physician, request a second opinion if you feel you need one. We will be available for you if need be.



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